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Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 13.10.2019

Genesis 5.0.0 Beta 4

The hopefully last Beta release is available for download. The most notable additions is support for different level of play (Street Level and Prime Runner), as well as the possibility to return to the assistent (and change priorities) when still in creation mode, but already on the regular view. I also added ammunition handling and […]

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Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 06.10.2019

Genesis 5.0.0 Beta 3

3 days have passed since our last Beta version. You reported several issues – thank you for that. I guess the new Beta is a good step closer to a stable version now. A majority of reported issues were related to gear management (I agree, there have been some funny effects), but also three major […]

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Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 03.10.2019

Genesis 5.0.0 Beta 2

The last four days have been exiting. We asked you for help finding bugs and you delivered. Getting several bugs reported in a short time usually is very frustrating, but it helped that you overall seem very pleased with the implementation of SR6 in Genesis. Thank you. Now, we fixed some of the reported bugs […]

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