Report an error

Unfortunately we cannot avoid that errors sneak into our application. If you encounter such an error, let us know.

To keep track who reported an error and which errors are already solved and which needs solving, we set up a bugtracker.

Find the report channel that best suits your problem. And please don’t put multiple problem reports into a single ticket.

Before reporting, you might want to check if the issue has been reported already:

In many cases it is helpful, if you attach some files to your error report:

  • Logfile(s)
    Our application logs what happens internally, so that we can learn what happend and where the error is located or why it occurred. E.g. for Genesis there are two important logfiles:  genesis-log.txt (in your Genesis-Installationdirectory) and genesis-starter0.log (in your user directory)
  • Your character
    In case the error is related to actions with a specific character, please attach your character to the ticket, so we can reproduce it. You find your characters in your data directory, e.g. under player\myself\space1889\ . We are interested in the XML file named after your character in particular.
  • Screenshots/Images
    For problems about the way something is displayed in print or on screen, it would be good if you could show us what you mean by using an image. This often is the quickest way to understand the problem.