Shadowrun 1.3.1

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 13.09.2020 | Kategorie(n): Minor Release, Shadowrun

Der neue Patch für Shadowrun bringt neben mehreren Fehlerkorrekturen und Detailverbesserungen eine neue Druckoption für einen Kompaktdruck mit, der sich an der NSC-Darstellung in den Regelwerken orientiert und nur eine A5-Seite Platz benötigt.

Neue Funktion

  • [SR6-34] – Half-Page / A5 NPC sheet
  • [SR6-434] – EditableFields: Notes for drones, activated programs


  • [SR6-416] – Move accessories from INTERNAL to better slot (to make them visible)
  • [SR6-437] – Add useas VEHICLE_BODY to weapons placed directly into vehicles


  • [SR6-424] – Add multi to accessories which user may want to have multiple
  • [SR6-435] – Allow vehicles to use autosofts


  • [SR6-130] – PDF: Astral combat elements repeats relevant effects
  • [SR6-248] – Cannot add two things (e.g. standard weapon mounts) in one slot (e.g. a vehicle)
  • [SR6-292] – Exception while generating PDF (ConditionStunElement)
  • [SR6-313] – Weapon focus does not hold accessories and modifications added
  • [SR6-321] – No karma cost for initiation during character generation
  • [SR6-369] – Show level of cyberware modifications on PDF printout
  • [SR6-403] – Multi=”yes” no longer seems to work (datasofts)
  • [SR6-417] – Add camera and vision_magnification to imaging_scope
  • [SR6-419] – Add personalized_grip_melee to all weapons of Zoe Heritage line
  • [SR6-421] – Add missing slots to weapons with accessorymods in those slots
  • [SR6-423] – Show correct number of programs slots on rigger page
  • [SR6-425] – Make mods visible for “full body armor with helmet”
  • [SR6-427] – Add missing exotic ammunition from FF
  • [SR6-444] – Failed to Save Character during creation
  • [SR6-446] – Mystic adept: Prevent automatic Powerpoint on Magic increase (Catalyst rules) and inverse for Pegasus Rules
  • [SR6-447] – Machine guns as accessories not sorted correctly
  • [SR6-448] – Correct Kickboxing signature technique
  • [SR6-449] – Factory autosofts should block slots