Genesis 5.0.4

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 09.11.2019 | Kategorie(n): Patch, Shadowrun

Shadowrun 6 hat dann leider doch noch einige Fehler im Detail. Hier ist mal wieder ein Schwung Korrekturen für euch.

  • [GEN-385] – Improvement: Rewrite skillsofts to be a skilljack accessory (activesofts don’t work yet)
  • [GEN-390] – Improvement: German translation changes for Firearms specializations
  • [GEN-395] – Improvement: Layout overflow condition monitor for low values
  • [GEN-352] – Typo on (german) MatrixPage:
  • [GEN-356] – Combined bonus from „Reaction Enhancer“ and „Reflexbooster“ may not be capped at 4
  • [GEN-377] – Rigger Page: Unwanted line break on RiggerConsoleElement (German)
  • [GEN-378] – Failed to decode character file – Weapon accessories in a weapon in a standard mount in a drone
  • [GEN-379] – German PDF export: „Erhöhte Konzentrationsfähigkeit“
  • [GEN-380] – Missing crossbow ammunition
  • [GEN-381] – Wired reflexes and Synaptic Booster add 2xrating minor actions (expected 1x)
  • [GEN-382] – Reflex recorder should be limited to physical skills
  • [GEN-384] – Reaction enhancers now allow max. rating of 4
  • [GEN-386] – Add missing damage resistance modifier from ‚Bone density augmentation‘ on exported PDF
  • [GEN-387] – Levels>1 in adept power „Pain Resistance“ have no effect on condition monitor
  • [GEN-388] – Infotext for cyberware does not reflect if capacity multiplies with gear rating
  • [GEN-389] – Injectiondart: wrong cost
  • [GEN-391] – Allow weapons with strength requirements to be added in weapon mounts
  • [GEN-392] – Wrong availabilities for crossbows
  • [GEN-393] – Drones with body<3 should not have a slot for weapon mounts