Genesis 5.0.5

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 19.11.2019 | Kategorie(n): Patch, Shadowrun, Splittermond

Die jüngste Patchversion behebt mal wieder ein paar gemeldete Probleme.


  • [GEN-363] – Feature: Automatic choice of RPG system if only one is available

Shadowrun 6

  • [GEN-416] – Improvement: Add support for magical lodge materials and reagents in „Other gear“
  • [GEN-401] – Yamaha Raiden is missing underbarrel accessories
  • [GEN-404] – Adding a targeting autosoft leads to problems exporting the PDF
  • [GEN-407] – When selecting options for a piece of gear, the availability is not updated
  • [GEN-408] – Better handle arrows, bolts and darts (and their injection variant)
  • [GEN-410] – Muscle Toner and Muscle Augmentation Rtg. 4 missing
  • [GEN-411] – Wrong price for Mitsubishi Nightsky
  • [GEN-412] – German type for item type: Granatwerfer
  • [GEN-413] – Cannot deselect a exotic weapons specialization in career mode
  • [GEN-417] – Trying different ratings in selection dialog only increases availability rating
  • [GEN-418] – It is possible to reduce attributes to 0 in career mode
  • [GEN-419] – Reducing an attribute from creation mode a second time does not grant expected karma
  • [GEN-420] – Adding attribute increase on cyberforearms produces an error
  • [GEN-421] – Fix body bonus from cyber forearms
  • [GEN-422] – Selecing a skill aptitude before increasing the skill results in not being able to increase the skill
  • [GEN-423] – Wrong price for airplane MCT-Sikorsky-Bell-Seahawk
  • [GEN-424] – PDF: Wrong attributes for matrix perception on matrix page
  • [GEN-425] – Using & < or > in lifestyle descriptions not prevented and lead to error loading the character
  • [GEN-426] – Wrong damage code for AK 97


  • [GEN-405] – Splittermond-Druck mit Exception, wenn Charakter keine Kultur gesetzt hat