Shadowrun6 – 1.4.2

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 28.12.2020 | Kategorie(n): Patch, Shadowrun

Nach der gut zwei-monatigen Pause gibt es jetzt mal wieder ein kleines Update für Shadowrun 6:


  • [SR6-520] – Update Defuse and Disarm
  • [SR6-531] – Make Matrix Attribute Boxes in PDF editable


  • [SR6-19] – Refunding Karma for Complex Forms from creation does not work
  • [SR6-323] – Display not updated when „trashcan“ is used to reduce number of stackable items
  • [SR6-325] – Wrong calculation of cyberware installed items at higher grades (alpha beta delta)
  • [SR6-426] – Qi-focus gives focus level bonus instead of force level
  • [SR6-523] – Add mount and olfactory scanner to Junkdog
  • [SR6-524] – PDF: Handle empty persona list on MatrixPage
  • [SR6-525] – Karma to Nuyen produces strange results
  • [SR6-526] – Qi-Foki provide a 4x too high level of their adept power
  • [SR6-529] – Add missing cyberweapon accessories
  • [SR6-530] – Give mentor_spirit Fuchs 2 improved Senses