New bug tracker

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 07.02.2019 | Kategorie(n): General

Though without activity regarding releases, the january was a very work intensive period. Our project needs to move – the currently used server won’t be available in two months, so webpage, bug tracker and (for our developers) sourcecode repository and Maven repository need to be set up on new servers

We started with the sourcecode repository last month. It is now hosted on the service Bitbucket and is mostly public available. I will go into further details in a later post.

Our bug- and issue-tracker is now hosted by Atlassian, where we can afford the monthly rent thanks to the community support via Patreon.
The new platform offers two new possibilities, which I enabled for testing:

  • You can open tickets in the web portal, without the need to create an account .
  • You can open tickets by sending a mail to genesis_support at

It is technically possible to migrate the old bug reports and feature requests, but it isn’t without problems and negative consequences. So my current plan is to export the old data and keep them as lists and filter them by remaining relevance (some tickets are 3 years old and don’t really apply anymore), but don’t migrate them (or at least not all of them). This also means, that from March on, you won’t get feedback anymore for tickets on the old bugtracker.

The next thing that needs to move is this blog. The new virtual server is already rented – now I just need to find time for the migration

And of course I hope to pick up development itself again. I already made smaller bugfixes, but I am currently unable to produce a new build – but I am working on it.