For the RPGFramework to become really useful, we need it to support a wide range of roleplaying systems out there. We definitely cannot support them all by ourselves. Instead we want to encourage you to develop own plugin to support your favorite game. Or – if you don’t like the frontend applications we provide – develop your own frontend.

In time we will provide some tutorials and examples to help you develop your plugin. Please return in some weeks.

Component JavaDoc Libary Source Code
RPGFramework API V0.5 rpgframework-api-0.5.jar rpgframework-api-0.5-src.jar
Babylon API V0.5 babylon-api-0.5.jar babylon-api-0.5-src.jar
JavaFX Extensions V1.0 JavaFXExtensions-1.0.jar JavaFXExtensions-1.0-src.jar
Simple Persist V1.0 V1.0 simple-persist-1.0.jar simple-persist-1.0-src.jar
Babylon babylon-0.5.jar