Shadowrun 6

With GENESIS you can generate a Shadowrun 6 character and spend Karma and Nuyen to enhance your character in career mode. Genesis will create a protocol of your played adventures and keep book when and what kind of changes have been made to your character.

Genesis tries to help you where possible. When you configure your gear, only the accessories matching the configured item are shown.
Also Genesis tries to adapt to your style of play. Don’t want the “buy” gear in your software but simply add it? We got you! The software can be configured in the ways it deals with Karma and Nuyen.

The resulting character can be converted to a PDF to either print it or store it on your tablet you take with you to your roleplaying session.
The sheet has minimum two pages, but you have several optional pages for specific needs with detailed information – e.g. a page a matrix actions or an illustrated overview of the played adventure modules.
And if you don’t like the default color scheme, you can choose other ones – or generate a printer friendly greyscale sheet without background images


You can download the application here. It requires a computer (Win/Mac/Linux) and can be used either with an installed Java 11 or higher or installed standalone anywhere on your disk.

Got issues?

It is a nature of such complex programs, that there is always something which isn’t working. For the moment, we are using BitBucket to host the sourcecode and this is where you can use the issue tracker to file bug reports. Please invest a moment of your time to search if the bug has been reported before.
Also remember to include a description how to reproduce the problem and eventually add screenshots or the XML file of your character, if the problem is specific to him/her.