Genesis is a Java desktop application, that runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux. You need a Java Runtime from Oracle to execute it, which is not included in the downloads.

Note 1: Genesis relies on JavaFX, which is not included in OpenJDK or Oracle Java 11. Until we find the time to improve our build process, Oracle Java 8 is required to run Genesis.
Note 2: Genesis 4 is our first attempt to offer a multilingual (German, English) application. It may be that there happen to be some spots of the application where we didn’t succeed yet. Please inform us if you stumble accross translation errors.
Note 3: For those of you using neither english nor german as the operating system language, it might be necessary to go into the settings, chose English as the application language and start Genesis again.

 Become our patreonGenesisis free, but we really appreciate when user like our application that much, that they want to donate to us and help us pay server rent or simply to thank us for our efforts.


Tool Version Requirements Download
Genesis 4.0.2 Oracle Java 8, 9 oder 10 download


No installation necessary. Simply put the JAR file anywhere you like and execute it.

In case of errors

We are not perfect and unfortunately we don’t find all the errors in our software. If you stumble accross them, please open a bug report in our ticket system