Genesis 4.1 – early alpha

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 17.05.2019 | Kategorie(n): General

Genesis 4.1 takes a lot longer since the efforts to rewrite large parts of the user interface. I came a long way and all four RPGs are supported now (3 if your application language is not german), though not finished. Still, I need help finding all the places where there are still errors or where work needs to be done.So, if you are interested to help, download a suitable ZIP version from the link, unzip it and execute the application from the “bin”-subdirectory. I am particularly interested in the following kind of errors:

  • GUI elements that have no function
  • German texts although the application is set to english – or the other way around
  • Application does not start at all (I need to know your OS, the error message and – if possible – the last log messages from your console/terminal
  • Missing icons
  • Crashes

I am already aware that the Shadowrun 5 part of the application is not translated yet – it is an awful mixture of german and english at the moment.

Please let me know what you found out either in the comments below or – if you have a Patreon account – in our public post.