Preview: Shadowrun 6 in Genesis 5

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 14.07.2019 | Kategorie(n): Roleplaying games, Shadowrun

Genesis is an offline character generation software (Win, Linux, OSX) that supports different tabletop RPGs – namely Splittermond (a german RPG), Space 1889 (Ubiquity), Coriolis and Shadowrun 5. Its origin was a generation software for Splittermond, but I added other systems over the years. The next addition will be the support for Shadowrun 6.

Early screenshot on SR6 in Genesis

We (my wife and I) already did a lot of coding work – fortunately we had the chance to copy a lot of code from the Shadowrun 5 code. With the help of Pegasus Spiele, which kindly provided me with a core rules preview, graphics and contacts to clarify rule issues and errata questions, I think we will have a version ready in October, when the german core rules will be released.

Current version of page 1 from the character sheet PDF

While we already supported SR5 beginning with Genesis 3, the support was never complete. We were a bit late to the party with our software and lost interest somewhere along the road. I hope that this will be better for SR6. Also SR5 was only available in German language – this will be different for SR6, where English will be available from the beginning.

For clarification: This is a fan project. We don’t get paid for it (except from supporters on Patreon). The software can be used for free (like e.g. Chummer). We will be talking to Pegasus Spiele, the german SR distributor, about selling a license that will allow us to include details like quality or spell descriptions, but whether this really happens will be left to see.

Early access and progress information will be available on our Patreon page. As soon as it is released, Genesis 5 will be available here.