Shadowrun 6 – Magic Page

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 17.09.2019 | Kategorie(n): Shadowrun

My wife and I are currently spending a lot of time on last improvements on the Shadowrun 6 support in Genesis. One aspect is the design of the PDF output, where we are reorganising existing and introducing new elements.

The newest addition to the generated pages is an optional Magic Page, where we like to collect all information relevant to magic users in SR6.

PDF page desgined for magic users (a mystical adept in this case)

I am pleased with the result, but it may need revisiting after the Beta is released. The Astral Combat element is taken from the Core rulebook (CRB), but it only reflects astral combat for those that are astral projecting (as far as I understand it). Because of that it does not work for adepts or mystical adepts the same way. Perhaps a column with values for meat space and astral space may be a good idea.