Genesis 5.0.0 Release Candidate 1

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 18.10.2019 | Kategorie(n): Major release, Shadowrun

I should have known better. With the recent Beta 4 I added a new feature (levels of play) – things you don’t do in Beta testing. Promptly I introduced new bugs – and got them reported promptly by brave testers.

It seems I don’t learn from mistakes, because I bring you another new feature with this release: the ability to save during character creation and continue later (I found that feature so useful, I am willing to risk it). It still has a cosmetic flaw: if you try to continue a saved character before restarting Genesis, the GUI will not work properly. I hope to find that bug soon.

However, this release includes 33 improvements and bug fixes, which I have been working on the last 5 days. I expect the final release to be delivered on tuesday.

Shadowrun 6

  • [GEN-216] – Feature: Save character during creation and reopen it in later sessions
  • [GEN-212] – Improvement: Improve skill element with Balanced Table
  • [GEN-251] – Improvement: Prevent & in description texts
  • [GEN-273] – Improvement: Added rockets and missiles
  • [GEN-274] – Improvement: Support items with changing price multiplier per rating range (e.g. explosives)
  • [GEN-275] – Improvement: Enter data for explosives
  • [GEN-277] – Improvement: Hackingprogramm Disarm/Entschärfen added
  • [GEN-245] – Inappropriate karma cost for Mystic Adept power points
  • [GEN-246] – Automatic assignment of adjustment points to Magic rating
  • [GEN-248] – Error spends at least as much adjustment points on Magic/Resonance as priority table granted
  • [GEN-249] – Cannot decrease Magic/Resonance back to 0 adjustment points after having been increased before
  • [GEN-250] – Karma cost of knowledge skills just 3 instead of 5
  • [GEN-252] – Increasing language specialization to specialist on chargen cost 9 karma (correct would be 6)
  • [GEN-253] – Picking the mentor spirit “Wise Warrior” as an adept fails or creates UI problems
  • [GEN-254] – Mentor Spirit “Firebringer” – option to decide for generic modification missing
  • [GEN-255] – Wrong karma cost for quality ‘Incompetent’
  • [GEN-256] – Availability modifier for augmentation grades not taken into account
  • [GEN-257] – Error when adding items that give an Edge Bonus
  • [GEN-258] – GUI values do not match reality
  • [GEN-259] – Icon problem for quality cells
  • [GEN-260] – Removing foci does not do anything
  • [GEN-261] – Cannot increase adept powers granted by mentor spirits
  • [GEN-262] – Prevent finishing creation when too many nuyen are spent
  • [GEN-263] – Foci cost do not show up in warnings
  • [GEN-264] – some firearm accessories appeared twice in list
  • [GEN-265] – Adept power “Enhanced perception” should not have levels
  • [GEN-266] – Can add firearm accessories multiple times to same slot
  • [GEN-267] – Wrong data for adept power “Enhanced accuracy”
  • [GEN-268] – Essence loss failed to reduce Magic or Resonance attribute
  • [GEN-269] – Raising attributes with karma displays (Previous -> New) values incorrectlyCreate issue
  • [GEN-270] – Added missing ‘Grenade’ category to ammunition
  • [GEN-272] – Item price wrong for items with rating and additional base price


  • [GEN-247] – Zauberdauer bei Götterbuch-Zauber fälschlich mit Monaten statt Minuten angegeben