Genesis 5.0.0

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 24.10.2019 | Kategorie(n): Major release, Release, Shadowrun

It is done and it was a difficult birth – the Shadowrun 6 support gave me a last minute headache. Four days ago I was informed that Catalyst Game Labs had errated the way adepts gain power points (from priorities and from Magic raised with Karma) and two days ago I noticed that my attribute optimization code would not allow users to build characters specifically to that situation. So I started rewriting the generator code, which lead to unforeseen side effects.

Unfortunately I promised Pegasus Spiele (the german distributor of SR6) that the generator would be released on the 24th October, which is when they start selling the german edition. So, I gave my best to make the new system work and fix related bugs, but I failed to do intense testing. Not very professional for a release, but necessary nonetheless.

Release Notes (Shadowrun 6 Only)

  • [GEN-303] – Feature: Dialog to add gear shows stats
  • [GEN-312] – Feature: Remodeled attribute distribution to manual control
  • [GEN-119] – Improvement: Grimoire layout needs adjustments
  • [GEN-148] – Improvement: Astral Combat Element
  • [GEN-276] – Improvement: Installed programs on extended information pages
  • [GEN-282] – Improvement: Support putting accessories into accessories – e.g. a weapon in a weapon mount
  • [GEN-283] – Improvement: Remove Rating for autopicker and keycard copier
  • [GEN-284] – Improvement: Add the calculated Dodge value to the derived attributes
  • [GEN-285] – Improvement: Added some more images
  • [GEN-286] – Falscher Text Focus
  • [GEN-287] – Improvement: Priority generation: Default priority for attributes is now A
  • [GEN-302] – Improvement: Declare medical supplies as an item that you can have multiple times
  • [GEN-306] – Improvement: Raising skills on generation should ignore skill boni from powers
  • [GEN-308] – Improvement: Mystic adepts get automatic power points when they increase MAG, but cannot buy PP anymore
  • [GEN-314] – Improvement: Slightly cleanup lifestyle dialog
  • [GEN-309] – Availability Katana and Polearm
  • [GEN-176] – Internal errors on character creation not translated
  • [GEN-278] – Minor Layout bug in german magic page
  • [GEN-279] – Having a “&” in a skill description leads to errors when loading the character
  • [GEN-280] – Micro- and area version of cortex bomb missing
  • [GEN-281] – Basic program “Browse” (Stöbern) is missing
  • [GEN-288] – Added missing german translations for generation warnings
  • [GEN-289] – Max. Magic rating not raised by initiation
  • [GEN-291] – Changing the skill of the incompetent quality leaves old skill unselectable
  • [GEN-292] – Fix list of senses (e.g. for Improved Sense)
  • [GEN-294] – Armor of vehicles had been added to characters defense rating (it still makes me LOL)
  • [GEN-296] – Invalid essence cost for cerebral booster
  • [GEN-297] – Missing limit on how many autosofts you can install on a drone
  • [GEN-298] – Wrong price for tag eraser
  • [GEN-299] – Creating a character after creating a character before produces unexpected wizard settings
  • [GEN-300] – Invalid cost for flare compensation
  • [GEN-301] – Gear cost modification for dwarfs and trolls missing
  • [GEN-307] – Having maxed MAGIC with adjustment points on a low prio magic and than raising prio, leaves magic rating >6
  • [GEN-310] – Missing Clothing Features
  • [GEN-311] – German translations for Magician, Adept, … “qualities” missing
  • [GEN-315] – Missing augmentation qualities for cultured bioware

Since the Beta-Phase has now officially ended, I will close the BitBucket issue tracker. You can still report your problems through our regular issue tracker.

Known issue : During testing I noticed an error which I wasn’t able to fix for the release: Saving a character during creation and re-opening him in the same session creates funny effects sometimes. Usually it helps to restart Genesis and try again.