Genesis 5.0.1

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 26.10.2019 | Kategorie(n): General

With the release of Shadowrun 6 in Germany it had to be expected that Genesis got some more attention from german players – and some more bug reports. My special thanks go to Carsten Cimala for creating a lot of issues in our issue tracker and still manage to keep me motivated.

Anyway, here are your release notes:

  • [GEN-327] – Improvement: Implement requirement check before being able to select a piece of gear
  • [GEN-329] – Improvement: Change the way helmets have accessories
  • [GEN-317] – Duplicate in clothing, one missing
  • [GEN-318] – Wrong price for pain editor
  • [GEN-319] – Generator did not allow selecting gear with availability 7+ which is not forbidden
  • [GEN-320] – Wrong availability sleep regulator
  • [GEN-325] – Full Body Armor plus Helmet results in armor of helmet being ignored
  • [GEN-326] – Drugs and toxins are missing
  • [GEN-330] – Generator does not detect if more than one attribute is maxed anymore