Genesis 5.1.0

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 28.11.2019 | Kategorie(n): Minor release, Shadowrun

Genesis 5.1.0 is the first release to feature new content for Shadowrun 6 – in this case the german supplement “Berlin 2080” and two drones/vehicles from the german free DLS “Schattenload“. Since not everyone is happy to have foreign language content in Genesis, I implemented it in a way that content that does not exist in your language is hidden – unless explicitly otherwise configured in the settings.

Other than that, we made some improvements and fixed a very annoying bug that prevented Riggers to be printed to PDF – and a one that generated afterwards unloadable characters.

  • [GEN-430] – Feature: Added data for SR6 Supplement “Berlin 2080”
  • [GEN-436] – Feature: Added data from german SR6 DLC “Schattenload 2019-07” and “Schattenload 2019-11”
  • [GEN-437] – Feature: Provide a config option that allows using data plugins that are only available in other languages
  • [GEN-444] – Feature: Spending money
  • [GEN-113] – Improvement: Printing empty character documents improved
  • [GEN-428] – Improvement: Make drones countable
  • [GEN-434] – Improvement: Added possibility to reference magazine issues as data sources
  • [GEN-435] – Improvement: Add option to set language for data and rule plugins
  • [GEN-409] – Using +/- buttons on ammunition has no effect on nuyen
  • [GEN-429] – PDF: Reduce minimum space for skill table to allow longer armor lists
  • [GEN-438] – Cannot print character, where Drone has an embedded targeting autosoft
  • [GEN-442] – Increasing count of items does not follow PAY GEAR option
  • [GEN-443] – & in Contact type description renders character unloadable