Genesis 5.1.2

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 11.12.2019 | Kategorie(n): General

I have been slow to work on bug reports lately – my apologies. I am currently messing around with the basic architecture, which left less time for fixing bugs. Anyway, a few bugs for Shadowrun 6 have been resolved in the recent version (and 91 are still open)

  • [SR6-42] – Feature: Customize print colors
  • [SR6-61] – Improvement: Grant implanted cyberdecks their own category
  • [SR6-21] – GUI shows wrong values for dataprocessing/firewall for commlinks
  • [SR6-40] – Empty Charactersheet: Dont print portrait
  • [SR6-46] – Commlink “Volkskomm” missing
  • [SR6-47] – implanted commlinks missing (Cyberware/Headware)
  • [SR6-48] – Melee Weapon Prices
  • [SR6-49] – Incorrect Rifle Costs
  • [SR6-50] – Missing Sensor Housings added
  • [SR6-51] – Combatspells “Blast” and “Clout” mixed
  • [SR6-52] – Wrong price for headware ultrasound sensor
  • [SR6-53] – Medkit does not have a rating in SR6
  • [SR6-55] – Falscher Entzug Zauber Stoß
  • [SR6-56] – Cyberears are missing internal soundlink feature
  • [SR6-57] – German description of Walther Palm Pistol wrong
  • [SR6-58] – Bonus from power “Critical strike” applied multiple times on character change
  • [SR6-59] – Mouse over on modified gear values does sometimes does not reflect correct source
  • [SR6-62] – Implanted Cyberweapons appear as Cyberlimbs, instead of intended category
  • [SR6-63] – Price of items that can be used multiple ways not always correct
  • [SR6-64] – Accessories having wrong cost displyed
  • [SR6-65] – Quality “Bad Rep” (“Berüchtigt”) has incorrect Karma cost
  • [SR6-67] – Wrong values displayed for commlinks in selection

I also forgot to add the release notes for the hotfix 5.1.1 – you can find them here.