Shadowrun 6 JSON Export

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 14.04.2020 | Kategorie(n): Major release, Shadowrun

To encourage the development of tools based on characters created with Genesis, we have today released a new Shadowrun 6 export plugin: the JSON export.

JSON can be used in many environments – such as Roll20 – without much effort, unlike our regular XML format. Hopefully this will reduce the hurdle for other developers to create great applications based on or with characters developed by Genesis.

But what makes the new export especially useful for others is that it doesn’t use the internal identifiers for spells, skills, advantages and disadvantages, but the names that would be on the expression – and the calculated values.

With this we explicitly have developers of bots or character sheets for VTTs like Roll20 in mind and hope that enthusiastic developers will be found for it.

How do I export?

If you want to export a character to JSON, you perform a Print operation (which was a Export to PDF so far), but then choose JSON instead of PDF as the print plugin.

By the way, the whole thing is really only meant as an export – an import from the format is unfortunately not possible.