Shadowrun 6 – 1.1.7

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 19.05.2020 | Kategorie(n): Patch, Shadowrun

We just released a new patch version for the Shadowrun 6 plugins.


  • [SR6-202] – Attack Rating: Bonus from adept power “Enhanced accuracy” not included in AR
  • [SR6-216] – Erratum: Base unarmed combat damage is 2S instead of (STR%2)S
  • [SR6-219] – Adept power “Power Points” taken multiple times does not increase magic maximum
  • [SR6-220] – Bonus from Metamagic “Power Point” is capped at +4
  • [SR6-221] – Choosing metamagic “Power Points” a 2nd time during creation does not cost Karma
  • [SR6-222] – Missing output text in history for bound foci
  • [SR6-223] – “Mystic Armor” from a Qi focus is shown with illegal defensive rating

New Feature

  • [SR6-79] – PDF: Provide optional details about drones like for vehicles
  • [SR6-209] – PDF: New SIN element on PDF with description and licenses


  • [SR6-210] – PDF: Improve extended weapons table layout
  • [SR6-213] – PDF: Augmentations: Print embedded parts as single line
  • [SR6-215] – PDF: Layout improvements for extended lifestyle elements

The changes regarding Qi Foci and adept powers bear the possibility to break other calculations around this topics. While the testers did not notice any problems, I am a bit cautious here.