Shadowrun 6 – 1.2.0

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 31.05.2020 | Kategorie(n): Major release, Shadowrun

Firing Squard

The last 3 months there was a big project on the side, which kept Anja and me busy: the combat rule book “Firing Squad”. The work on it can basically be divided into 4 categories:

  • More gear
    It sums up to 253 new items now available in Genesis
  • Gear modifications
    These are irreversible changes to an object, such as the sawing off of the barrel of a rifle. From an implementation point of view, this is a special type of accessory. Genesis has always had a tab for this in the graphical interface, but now there are things to choose from.
  • Martial arts
    Learning martial arts and related techniques for karma naturally requires a special category in the graphical interface.
  • Trivia
    This means in this case new edge actions, boosts and qualities.

With this version, the graphical interface as well as the PDF export changes a little bit. In the GUI the “equipment” page now becomes a “combat” page. This “Combat” page gets a new section for martial arts, but the “Other Equipment” section is moved to the page that was previously called “Electronics” and is now renamed “Equipment” – and thus finally has more than one section.

New in the PDF export

New Armor Element on first page

On the first page of the PDF export we remove the armor section and replace it with a new variant. This one lists only the best armor and shows in the gained space different defense pools and pool modifiers by defensive minor actions. The previous armor element moves to the extended equipment pages.

There is also a new optional PDF page: “Combat”. We had a lot of ideas about what should be up here, which we all finally discarded due to lack of space. Remaining is a list of all actions and edge-boosts (which takes up at least 50% of the page), a combat overview and a table for martial arts.

Combat page

German supplement: Datapuls: State-of-the-ADL 2081

With the german supplement “Datapuls: State-of-the-ADL 2081” Pegasus introduced more ADL-specific gear and some new mentor spirits (e.g. “Highway”). For the first time a contributor (Thanks Eaglemonk) helped us by entering the majority of data from that supplement in XML format.
Basically we are happy about people who want to do the work for us or start their own projects that interact with Genesis.

Everyone who wants to gett in contact with us, is welcome to do so – e.g. on Discord .