SR6 for Foundry 0.2.1

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 24.05.2021 | Kategorie(n): Foundry VTT, Shadowrun

A new release for the Shadowrun 6 Game System for Foundry is dedicated to combat improvements. You can now manage armor and ammunition in addition to weapons, and the input of weapon and armor data has been improved.

We didn’t manage to include everything we wanted to achieve, so the next version will also be dedicated to combat procedures. More about the planning can be found on our roadmap.

Thanks to a contributor we now have a french translation.



  • SR6FVTT-33 Changing the token attribute values are properly converted to damage
  • SR6FVTT-32 Creating a player actor sets some default token settings
  • SR6FVTT-28 Improve combat attack dialog
  • SR6FVTT-27 Improve collapisble weapon data
  • SR6FVTT-26 Add weapon details on a collapsible pane
  • SR6FVTT-17 Start working on a sheet for gear