Shadowrun 6 – Version 2.1.0

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 30.12.2021 | Kategorie(n): Minor release

The year 2021 is coming to an end and we use the holidays to bring you a new version of the Shadowrun 6 plugin.

Most notably this time is the new way we deal with exotic weapon skills – you don’t buy a skill per weapon anymore, but per group of weapons (e.g. Throwers). You need to change the choice for your existing characters.

Updated Weapon details element on the PDF

We also changed the way the weapons are printed on the extended gear pages in the PDF. The images must be provided by you, which can be done in the weapon edit screen.

The full release notes:

Release Notes – Shadowrun 6 – Version 2.1.0


SR6-771 Creation: First level or a metamagic/echo should not be free
SR6-769 Experience Journal uses current date instead of date entered
SR6-768 Defensive pool modifier (from Combat Sense) should not be capped at +4
SR6-767 NullPointerException for weapons without specialization
SR6-764 Increasing “Astral” skill not possible for adepts with power ‘Astral Perception’
SR6-758 Matrix Initiatve bonus of cyberjacks is missing
SR6-756 Correct cost of cyberware ultrasonic sensor
SR6-754 Correct capacity cost of MEMS medkit carriers
SR6-750 Add levels to nimble fingers
SR6-748 Typo on character sheet PDF output
SR6-374 Correct wrong exotic weapon skills

New Features

SR6-770 Introduce config option to enable/disable third printing errata
SR6-753 PDF: New extended weapon display


SR6-766 Deutsche Beschreibungen der Edge-Handlungen
SR6-765 Support “other” exotic weapon specialization
SR6-763 PDF: Range bands on weapons element
SR6-762 Warn about having deprecated skill specializations
SR6-760 Foundry Export: Created file compatible with Foundry 0.9.x
SR6-759 Support old version of the cyberjacks 5 or 6 with higher INI bonus (for DE)
SR6-757 Add magic formulas
SR6-755 Add content from DE Adventskalender
SR6-752 List both (US and DE) version of Manriki chain
SR6-373 Reduce number of specialisations for exotic weapons skill

Tedious work

SR6-761 Support deprecated skill specializations