Genesis 5.0.0 Beta 2

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 03.10.2019 | Kategorie(n): Minor release, Shadowrun

The last four days have been exiting. We asked you for help finding bugs and you delivered. Getting several bugs reported in a short time usually is very frustrating, but it helped that you overall seem very pleased with the implementation of SR6 in Genesis. Thank you.

Now, we fixed some of the reported bugs and I decided that a new release would be a good idea. So, you can find Genesis 5.0.0 BETA 2 in the download section.

Release Notes (Shadowun 6)

There were two major problems: The wizard page for complex forms was unusable, if you were running the ZIP version (which I recommend) and you could not create aspected conjurors.

  • [GEN-183] – Feature: The wizard page for qualities now shows warnings related to qualities.
  • [GEN-178] – Wizard Page Complex Forms: Delete Button is missing action handler
  • [GEN-179] – Wizard Page Complex Forms – Pop-Up Dialog for Infusion/Diffusion/Emulate is missing
  • [#41, #31] Wizard Page Complex Forms – Selecting a CF breaks the GUI (only ZIP-Version)
  • [GEN-182, #32] – Should not be able to take quality “Impaired” in a way, that the maximum attribute is 1
  • [#34] Showed low resolution warning if minimal resolution was exactly matched
  • [GENSUP-169] Wrong Karma Cost for “Built Tough”
  • [GENSUP-155 #37] No way to adjust Languange level, or Enter Knowledge Subject
  • [#40] Stuck on information page when trying to create an aspected magician character
  • [#38] When purchasing a commlink, Genesis asked for an augmentation grade
  • [#39] Addable accessories not properly sorted out
  • Feature: Added a type selector to UI for accessories
  • [#36] Full Body Armor fixed, Helmets and Shields added
  • [GENSUP-161] Invalid damage value for Remmington Roomsweeper
  • [GENSUP-167] Invalid karma cost for Astral Beacon
  • [GENSUP-151] Printing failed, when the character had a history entry without title
  • Fixed a NullPointerException (NPE)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from selecting too expensive gear, even when “Pay for gear” was disabled

Release Notes (Splittermond)

  • [GEN-170] Zauberwerte bei fehlender Lizenz leer drucken, statt mit Null-Werten
  • [GEN-87, GEN-88] Formatierungsfehler bei Infokarten mit viel Text, was zu leeren Karten führt
  • [GEN-165] Fehler beim Infokartendruck
  • [GEN-166] Fehler beim Drucken, für Benutzer mit einer Lizenz
  • Rechtschreibfehler korrigiert

Release Notes (Space 1889)

  • [GENSUP-152] Unable to create Space 1889 characters when using the software in english

Thank you all for your help testing the software. It really is appreciated, since it helps us creating a better user experience.

There are still open reported bugs. For the sake of preventing duplicates, I would ask you NOT to use our regular issue tracker, but the one on . Only that one allows that everyone can see open issues.