Genesis 5.0.0 Beta 3

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 06.10.2019 | Kategorie(n): Genesis, Minor release, Shadowrun

3 days have passed since our last Beta version. You reported several issues – thank you for that. I guess the new Beta is a good step closer to a stable version now.

A majority of reported issues were related to gear management (I agree, there have been some funny effects), but also three major issues leading to characters failing to load.
I added ammunition management as a feature and changed the item picker a bit, so the layout of the listed items is cleaner

Today was the first day that no new error has been reported – a relief, since the days before I wasn’t able to keep up with fixing the issues compared to the speed new ones came in.

The complete release notes:

  • [GEN-198] – Feature: Improve pool calculation and explanation
  • [GEN-199] – Used Cyberware essence cost is incorrect
  • [GEN-208] – Feature: SR6: Add possibility to add Ammunition
  • [GEN-209] – Feature: SR6: Made some items countable (e.g. patches, ammunition …)
  • [GEN-196] – Print: SmallArmorElement should list Attribute Modifications
  • [GEN-203] – Change: Change default matrix iniative from AR to VR
  • [GEN-213] – Change: Improve item picker table cells with more details
  • [GEN-159] – Deleting SINs does not work in creation mode
  • [GEN-180] – Adept power Improved Reflexes not interacting with stats properly
  • [GEN-184] – Quality “Impaired” not multiple selectable
  • [GEN-185] – Limitation “Only one skill at maximum” was missing
  • [GEN-186] – stealth drone software on drones wont let be assigned/added.
  • [GEN-188] – Missing “Tools” category on other gear
  • [GEN-189] – Real SIN doesn’t let you apply changes
  • [GEN-190] – Can’t increase ratings on Armor Accessories
  • [GEN-191] – Contact Loyalty maxes at 6 instead of 12
  • [GEN-192] – Don’t allow adding rewards without title or karma anymore
  • [GEN-193] – Characters with exotic weapon specializations for Ares Antioch not loadable
  • [GEN-194] – Mentor spirits that granted 1 level in an adept power, granted 0 instead
  • [GEN-195] – Automatic added qualities missing in user interface
  • [GEN-197] – Gas-Vents don’t have a rating
  • [GEN-200] – Fixed some accessory mappings – especially for cyberware
  • [GEN-204] – Chars with adept power ‘improved sense’ fail to load
  • [GEN-206] – Fixed missing “Magic” navigation icon
  • [GEN-207] – Adept Power “Combat Sense” doesn’t grant +1 to defensive rating anymore
  • [GEN-211] – GUI shows wrong price when picking an used augmentation
  • [GEN-214] – Deleting Submersion/Initiation does not work in creation mode