Genesis 5.0.0 Beta 4

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 13.10.2019 | Kategorie(n): Minor release, Shadowrun

The hopefully last Beta release is available for download. The most notable additions is support for different level of play (Street Level and Prime Runner), as well as the possibility to return to the assistent (and change priorities) when still in creation mode, but already on the regular view. I also added ammunition handling and Qi foci, which I completely forgot.

All Systems

  • [GEN-230] – Improved logfile location and referencing
  • [GEN-240] – Improve error messages on problems adding a RPG license
  • [GEN-237] – Renaming a character leads to having two versions of the character on disk

Shadowrun 6

  • [GEN-187] – Feature: Implement ammunition handling in user interface
  • [GEN-241] – Feature: Added level of play option “Prime Runner” and “Street Level”
  • [GEN-215] – Feature: Allow returning to the assistant from character sheet (in creation mode).
  • [GEN-242] – Feature: Save generation information in character. (As boring as this sounds, that will help to implement the new feature “saving & continue in generation mode”
  • [GEN-234] – Improvement: Introduced option to hide automatically added gear on screen
  • [GEN-227] – Improvement: Implement Qi foci
  • [GEN-229] – Improvement: Support foci that deal with spirits
  • [GEN-172] – Embedded accessories in auto-added accessories/items are not saved
  • [GEN-205] – Quality descriptions entered in assistant must be reentered in char sheet view
  • [GEN-217] – Added missing regular ammo caseless version
  • [GEN-218] – Cannot add a weapon mount of identical type
  • [GEN-219] – Editing Impaired attribute post char gen, only grows karma
  • [GEN-221] – Raising Logic with custom. Karma after wizard, produces an invalid warning about 0 skill points left
  • [GEN-222] – Ammo cost does not use multiplier from different ammo types
  • [GEN-223] – Ocular Drone misses possibility to add vision enhancements
  • [GEN-224] – Error optimizing karma for attributes on creation
  • [GEN-225] – Attribute boni from cyberware are saved as natural points when leaving creation mode (ATTENTION: characters created with Beta 3 or older are saved incorrectly.)
  • [GEN-228] – Foci costs are wrong and refunding was missing
  • [GEN-231] – IllegalArgumentException: fromIndex > toIndex while printing
  • [GEN-233] – Added missing close combat attack to Yamaha Pulsar II (and marked model II as taser, not holdout)
  • [GEN-235] – Missing/Wrong max level for adept power Improved Reflexes
  • [GEN-236] – Qi Focus Price doesn’t match the core rulebook
  • [GEN-239] – OK button on license selector screen did not get enabled, when the quality rating of the fake license got selected last
  • [GEN-243] – Magic Icon doesn’t always react to clicks
  • [GEN-244] – Unarmed Damage not including bonus from Bone Density augmentation.


  • [GEN-232] – Meisterschaften lassen sich nicht kaufen, weil FW durch Abz├╝ge unter Schwelle