Genesis 5.0.2 – Halloween version

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 31.10.2019 | Kategorie(n): Patch, Shadowrun

The recent days you have been flooding us with issues – bug reports and feature requests. There are currently ca. 50 open issues for Shadowrun 6 (and the same amount for Splittermond). It will take us some time to work through them, but it will be done – someday 😉

To at least provide you with the latest patches, we just released a new version. The perhaps most interesting feature about it, is that we now support Sum-To-Ten as an alternative generation rule.

Shadowrun 6

  • [GEN-360] – Feature: Support Sum To Ten character creation
  • [GEN-332] – Improvement: Enable drugs to be countable
  • [GEN-333] – Improvement: Make it possible to leave assistant without all power points invested
  • [GEN-334] – Improvement: Make it possible to leave assistant although too much money has been spent
  • [GEN-354] – Improvement: Redo derived attribute calculations
  • [GEN-322] – Age of character not printed
  • [GEN-335] – Raise the limit of left over adjustment points to be able to leave the assistant to 4
  • [GEN-337] – All attribute buttons disabled on attribute wizard page after priority change
  • [GEN-338] – Problem loading technomancers with “Emulate Program” complex form
  • [GEN-339] – Saved characters in generation mode with too much nuyen spent, cannot leave wizard when re-opened
  • [GEN-340] – MCT-Nissan Roto-Drone: Accessory capacity must be Body+3
  • [GEN-342] – Selective sound filter as cyberware implant needs max rating 6
  • [GEN-345] – Typos on Astral Page
  • [GEN-353] – Matrix Initiative dice calculated wrong for technomancers
  • [GEN-357] – Don’t allow to have more metamagics than Magic rating
  • [GEN-358] – Bonus to defense rating from bone lacing counted twice
  • [GEN-359] – Not being able to leave gear selection dialog when having not enough money
  • [GEN-362] – Only “Fairlight Excalibur” appeared as headware payed with essence