Genesis 5.1.3

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 01.01.2020 | Kategorie(n): Shadowrun

Happy new year to you all. Originally I was planning to use the holiday to spend some time coding on Genesis, but that plan went down the drain, when I started to get sick on Christmas (and still are, though it is already getting better). So this new years release of Genesis is a rather small release.

  • [SR6-68] – Improvement Added adventure “Free Seattle” to product data
  • [SR6-71] – Improvement PDF Bodytech Element: Include info about augmentation quality
  • [SR6-54] – Task Support rating squared as cost multiplier – e.g. Tranq Patch
  • [SR6-69] – Initiation “Power Points” in creation mode, doubles the granted PP
  • [SR6-70] – Wrong specs for rifle Yamaha Raiden
  • [SR6-72] – Fix specializatioin for Throwing Knives and Stars
  • [SR6-73] – Reduce price of Ruger Super Warhawk from 11.000 to 400
  • [SR6-74] – GM-Nissan Doberman drone misses standard weapon mount
  • [SR6-75] – MERCEDES MULTIMOG-K4 „GREIF“ falscher Preis
  • [SR6-76] – Standard weapon mounts now allow Assault rifles
  • [SR6-77] – Cannot embed accessories into auto-accessories
  • [SR6-81] – Bone lacing alu: wrong damage value

Thank to a hint from a patron, I got aware of a problem with our serialization library. A change I made for Shadowrun 6 to allow weapon mounts on drones to have accessories. led to a highly increased startup time for Splittermond. I need to undo the change in the future.

To prevent your characters from not loading anymore, you need to open it with 5.1.3 and save them again. That should save your gear differently, without you noticing any difference in handling your character. Such a newly written character will remain operable in future versions, even if it has drones with weapon mounts with weapons – or to be worse – with weapon accessories in it.