Genesis 6.1.0 improves XML loading

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 08.02.2020 | Kategorie(n): Minor release, Release

I have just released a new version of Genesis. It contains an important change: the whole loading of XML data (rule data as well as characters) has been completely rewritten.

The reason for this was that the existing implementation … let’s say … was not that great – it was either limited and fast or flexible and slow. (For those with IT background: the nesting depth of XML structures could only be guaranteed with exponential effort). As a consequence, I had to decide if I should be able to load more complex Shadowrun characters into equipment and start Splittermond in 90+ seconds or if I should only be able to load SR characters without details into equipment but start Splittermond as usual.

The new implementation is much better. It can handle arbitrarily nested structures AND loads even faster. On my PC at home Genesis needs only 3 seconds to load Splittermond and the other 4 systems together! For comparison: Before it was about 16 seconds or 90 when I allowed deep nesting.

The full release notes:

  • [GEN-460] – Epic: Rewrite XML (de)serialization
  • [GEN-451] – Improvement: Auto encode/decode special charatcers in CDATA
  • [GEN-461] – Improvement: Rewrite XML deserialization independent from recursion depth
  • [GEN-462] – Improvement: Update link to ticket portal
  • [GEN-463] – Improvement: Better error message when necesssary plugin for a character isn’t loaded
  • [GEN-464] – Don’t fail silently when trying to delete a character