Shadowrun 6 – 1.2.1

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 10.06.2020 | Kategorie(n): Shadowrun

The first round of patches after the big update to “Firing Squad” not only fixes a few shortcomings – thanks to a new project member (welcome to the project, Robert) a bunch of long reported errors in the data have been corrected and data of the latest “Schattenload” and “Datapuls” (German one page or 32 page publications from Pegasus) has been updated.


  • [SR6-239] – Physical monitor on PDF misses boxes
  • [SR6-240] – Exotic weaons specialization selector unusable due to too many entries
  • [SR6-242] – Wrong price for SecureTech Invisi-Shield Armor
  • [SR6-243] – Modifications from signature martial arts techniques not applied
  • [SR6-249] – Drones should be equipped with a rigger interface by default
  • [SR6-253] – Rifles should be able to use a silencer
  • [SR6-254] – Machine Guns put into weapon mounts should not require character strength
  • [SR6-255] – Multiple corrections to gear cost, availability etc.
  • [SR6-256] – Ares Slivergun shouldn’t have an included silencer
  • [SR6-257] – Remington Roomsweeper incorrectly classified as heavy pistol


  • [SR6-247] – Introduce new vehicle category “Walker”
  • [SR6-241] – Alphabetially sort exotic weapons in specialization selector


  • [SR6-244] – Data from german magazine “Schattenload” issues 2020/1, 2020/4 and 2020/5
  • [SR6-245] – Data from german publication “Datapuls Westphalen”
  • [SR6-246] – Data from german publication “Datapuls Piraten der Deutschen Bucht”
  • [SR6-258] – Batteries as accessories for impulse weapons