Shadowrun 6 – 1.2.2

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 23.06.2020 | Kategorie(n): Patch, Shadowrun

A new bundle of patches comes to you in the form of a new patch release. Unfortunately I forgot again to increment the version number, so the plugin still identifies itself as 1.2.0. But be it like it is …


  • [SR6-16] – Cyberspace Design Quadrotor may not take normal weapons
  • [SR6-252] – German Translation: Zu viel Beschreibung “Verbesserte Reflexe” beim PDF
  • [SR6-260] – Make “Ruthenium Rifle Sheath” a modification
  • [SR6-262] – Fix german description for glue sprayer
  • [SR6-263] – Wrong description for German version of Manabolt
  • [SR6-264] – Fix german description for cyberware imagelink
  • [SR6-265] – Fix german description for Babymonitor
  • [SR6-266] – Colt M23 – should have 2 more accessory slots
  • [SR6-267] – Convert concealable_sheath“, „melee_quick_draw_sheath“ and „melee_hidden_arm_slide to accessories
  • [SR6-268] – “Bates Brown Combat Boots” should be used with Unarmed combat skill (instead Exotic Weapons)
  • [SR6-269] – Model “Colt Arms M-24 – Arm Brace” as external accessory
  • [SR6-271] – Sum to Ten – Street Level/Prime Runner not working
  • [SR6-272] – Allow embedding Reactive Armor plates into any kind of armor
  • [SR6-273] – Accessories with min. rating >1 not embeddable (e.g. Shockweave)
  • [SR6-274] – Weapon commlink and melee hardening should use 2 modification slots
  • [SR6-285] – Included modifications of SecureTech Skinshield should not count against the modification slots
  • [SR6-286] – Ares Slivergun should have a silencer included
  • [SR6-287] – Allow embedding crossbow in “Cyberspace Designs Quadrotor”


  • [SR6-66] – Have the values of cyberjacks appear in the screen description (German)
  • [SR6-261] – Add accessory slots to bows and crossbows