Genesis 6.3.3 and Patreon

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 06.03.2021 | Kategorie(n): General, Genesis

A minor bug fix update for the starter application has been released. It contains small improvements, e.g. for scrolling in licensed text descriptions and updates external dependencies to close theoretical security vulnarabilities.

Patreon changes

Some of you might know, that we have a Patreon presence. We made some changes there recently. The basic idea is to use some of the money you support us there to commission artists to create some illustrations for our applications. This might for example be cultural modules for Splittermond or metatypes for Shadowrun, factions for Coriolis … whatever we think appropriate.

We did not raise the amount for the support tiers, but change the benefits within the tiers. The patrons on the Acolyte tier will now get access to the Developer version of Genesis (formerly reserved to the higher Socius tier) and the patrons on the Socius tier will now get high resolution versions of the images that are created within this Patreon.

If you share this vision, we would be happy to have your support – even if this should be for a limited time.