Shadowrun 6 – 1.6.0

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 06.05.2021 | Kategorie(n): Roleplaying games, Shadowrun

The new release of the Shadowrun 6 plugin for Genesis features the content of the new publication “Power Plays” and some bug fixes.


  • SR6-644 Correct attack rating of throwing stars
  • SR6-643 Adept: Metamagic – Power Points adding too many
  • SR6-642 Add levels to berserk power
  • SR6-641 Separate precision strike into variants per weapon category
  • SR6-638 Correct body of Seahawk
  • SR6-637 Correct category for Rolling Clouds
  • SR6-636 Make Tutorsofts visible
  • SR6-632 Correct class for Desert Strike and PJSS Model 75
  • SR6-422 Show Rigger Software on Rigger Page
  • SR6-367 Autosoft “stealth_auto” is not correctly considered for drones on PDF rigger page


  • SR6-635 Implement special rules for “Power Plays” qualities


  • SR6-646 Add content from Datapuls Marienbad
  • SR6-645 Add content from Schattenload 2021-04 Polizei
  • SR6-634 Qualities from “Power Plays”

A new feature is a special kind of JSON export aimed for a new project of ours: A Shadowrun 6 Game System for Foundry VTT.