Coriolis 3.0.2

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 18.07.2021 | Kategorie(n): Coriolis, Minor release

It doesn’t happen very often that we release patches for the Coriolis character generator part of Genesis, but today was such a moment.


COR-8 Typo “Wissenschaftlier” (German name of “Scientiest”)
COR-7 Attribute value not included in weapon pool


COR-9 Allow custom data for talents and gear

The part with the custom data doesn’t have any documention yet, but it follows the same mechanism it does for Shadowrun6 so you can use that documentation and just replace “shadowrun6” with “coriolis”.
The prefixes that Genesis understands are “item” and “talents”.

Examples for the XML can be found here.