Goodbye Genesis, Hello Commlink

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 22.12.2022 | Kategorie(n): Genesis, Shadowrun

About a year ago I decided to stop the development of Genesis in favor of a new character generator. I communicated this quite openly in Discord, but not everyone is active there.

Now the development is taking longer than initially thought. Originally it was planned to develop “Moongate” (the new generator for Splittermond) and “Commlink” in short succession, but in the end “Commlink” turns out to be much more complex than expected. So support for Splittermond in Genesis will continue for a while – but support for Shadowrun 6 will be frozen at the current level (i.e. no “Shadow Compendium”, no “Ejection Shock”).

Commlink has now reached a status at the end of the year where motivated testers can help me find bugs – we call this alpha testing. If you want to test with me, you can find the current version here. This is already rewarded with the availability of all metavariants from the Sixth World Companion.
For an overview of which features are implemented in Genesis and which in Commlink, look here.

If you want to work with Genesis a little longer: there is unofficial community support for some content from the English books “Sixth World Companion” (Shadow Compendium) and “Hack & Slash” (Ejection Shock). You have to install the whole thing locally yourself as “Custom data”, but after that you have at least rudimentary support.