SR6 Dicebot for Discord

As the name already says, this is a Dicebot built to support playing Shadowrun 6 in Discord.
Install SR6 DiceBot

The Bit is a fairly new project (thank Covid-19) and because of that has a lot room for improvements. We currently don’t consider it to be a replacement for other dicebots, but as an addition.
We are also still experimenting with the command syntax. So, if you find that the commands don’t work as they did last week, come again to this site oder our blog in general, to be informed about changes.

If you prefer a more mature Bot for Shadowrun, I would recommend the “Exploding Dice” Bot.

Dice Rolling

Rolling with wild die and edge

You can find a detailed command explanation in our Wiki.

What is next?

Honestly, I don’t know yet. Likely I add some normal dice functionality. Useful would be an Edge- and Initiative-Tracker, but since my vision for this feature is a bit broader, I need to settle on a vision and steps into that direction first.


It has to be mentioned here: The dicebot – like any other Bot on Discord – needs to read what you are typing in your channels – otherwise the bot could not work. This also means, that our Bot-Server gets copies of ALL your typed messages, that get processed and usually discarded afterwards.