Sixth World Companion, Hack & Slash …

Verfasser: taranion | Datum: 26.08.2022 | Kategorie(n): General, Genesis, Roleplaying games, Shadowrun

I currently stopped devloping Genesis, in favor of a new SR6 character generation application. There are several reasons that lead to this decision but they are not the point of this posting.

I have given some thought if I should provide at least minimal support (e.g. new metatypes, new qualities) from more recent books like the Sixth World Companion, to an extent where I add the data, but don’t do effects that require additional programming. The problem is that when I would do that, I would surely get bug reports about things not working properly. That would becontraproductive. So I decided against it.

Fortunately for you all, Genesis allows providing custom data AND someone has taken up the task of at least to entering all the missing data. So I recommend checking out Donald Byrds (Shenanigans) Git -repository with custom data.

We have yet to figure out a way to make to somehow configure Genesis to automatically use it, but for now it is available as custom data.